John Haspel

John Haspel

John Haspel is the founder and meditation and mindfulness teacher at Cross River Meditation Center in Frenchtown, New Jersey. John also teaches meditation and mindfulness in Flemington New Jersey through Hunterdon Medical Center’s Integrative Medicine Department. Information on John’s meditation and mindfulness classes can be found here.

John is the author and  publisher of the books The Truth Of Happiness, a ten week study of the direct teachings of the Buddha, and The Spiritual Solution, for those in the 12 Step recovery community.

John is also a recovered alcoholic and drug addict and holds Mindfulness Based Recovery™ and The Spiritual Solution 12 Steps workshops. The Spiritual Solution 12 Steps workshops information is here.

Mindfulness Based Recovery™ integrates the refined mindfulness developed through the timeless principles found in the Eightfold Path to provide the foundation for a life free of addictive and compulsive behaviors. Mindfulness Based Recovery™ develops profound understanding of  the nature of addiction and compulsive behaviors and a realistic and honest view of individual addiction.

All behavior is preceded by thought. The refined mindfulness developed through Mindfulness Based Recovery™ brings the power of mindful intention supported by virtue and deep concentration to the problem of addiction and compulsive behaviors.

Mindfulness Based Recovery™ can be an additional support for those using the 12 Steps to support recovery. 

For those that have tried modern 12 Step meetings and are dissatisfied, Mindfulness Based Recovery™ provides a simple, effective, and self-empowering method for ongoing recovery not dependent on life-long attendance at meetings.

Mindfulness Based Recovery™ is free of religious dogma and does not depend on un-moderated group therapy or ongoing peer pressure often found at modern 12 Step meetings. While the problem of addiction and compulsive behaviors is often devastating, Mindfulness Based Recovery™ is a simple and direct method  that does not maintain continual focus on fixing a broken self.

Mindfulness Based Recovery™develops freedom from addiction and compulsive behaviors and freedom from continual “recovery.” The problem of addiction and compulsive behaviors is identified as the problem without insisting that the problem defines the person.

Mindfulness Based Recovery™ is effective with adolescents as well as adults. Through Mindfulness Based Recovery™ a life of meaning and purpose is developed and recovery becomes one aspect of a peaceful and healthy life.

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