Mindfulness Based Recovery Faqs


I have tried 12 Step based meetings and they did not help me. What is different with Mindfulness Based Recovery?
Mindfulness Based Recovery does not focus on individual problems, pop psychology, behavior modification, peer pressure, group indoctrination, blind allegiance to dogma, or continual meeting attendance.

I am happy with my recovery through 12 Step meetings but I feel something is lacking?
Many have found that modern 12 Step meetings helpful in gaining a foothold in recovery but that there is more that can be done to develop comfortable, contented sobriety and abstinence. Mindfulness Based Recovery develops individual understanding of the cause of addiction and compulsive behaviors and provides the direct mindful skills to recover, or enhance recovery, from all compulsive behaviors.

Does Mindfulness Based Recovery require a belief in God or a higher power?
No. Recovery through Mindfulness Based Recovery does not require a belief in God, or an external Higher Power, nor is a belief in a higher power discouraged. The principles developed through Mindfulness Based Recovery provide the “power” necessary to recover from addiction and compulsive behaviors.

What are these “principles?”
The principles of Mindfulness Based Recovery are founded in the refined mindfulness that is developed through honest self reflection, a simple meditation method, a realistic and healthy view of life, and service to others.

Do I need to be sober or abstinent for an extended time in order to recover with Mindfulness Based Recovery?
No. Mindfulness Based Recovery is effective once you have determined that you want to abandon addiction and compulsive behaviors. If you are still active in your addiction, detox in a medical facility may be necessary for safety and to establish initial sobriety or abstinence. SELF DETOX CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND LIFE THREATENING. PLEASE SEE A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL IF YOU FEEL YOU MAY BE IN DANGER. IF YOU ARE UNCERTAIN, PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL.

Is Mindfulness Based Recovery appropriate for adolescents?
Yes. The principles of Mindfulness Based Recovery are easily understood and integrated for anyone. If you are under 21 please consult your parent or guardian about attending a workshop.

I am in a relationship with an addict/compulsive. Will Mindfulness Based Recovery be helpful for me?
Yes. The mindfulness principles developed will be very helpful in understanding addiction and your response, and will assist in support to your loved one.

Are there Mindfulness Based Recovery  meetings? Will I need to attend meetings?
No. There are no Mindfulness Based Recovery meetings. Continued recovery through Mindfulness Based Recovery is not dependent on meeting attendance. It is encouraged to continue a meditation practice and the support of a community of meditators has been shown to be very helpful in maintaining a meditation practice.

Do I need a “sponsor”?
No. Individual support is provided by the principles developed through Mindfulness Based Recovery.

Is meditation difficult?
No. Anyone can learn the simple meditation method used in Mindfulness Based Recovery.

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