How Mindfulness Based Recovery™ Works


Mindfulness Based Recovery™ develops the qualities of refined mindfulness, useful insight, and gentle and profound concentration to the problem of addiction and compulsive behaviors. Mindfulness Based Recovery™ is presented as an eight-step process developing specific skills that are easily integrated into anyone’s life. 

Beginning with acknowledging the problem and systematically applying the principles of mindfulness, meditation, clear and useful insight, and service to others, Mindfulness Based Recovery™ brings a life free of self-centered views and behaviors and free of continual focus on being “sick” or inherently flawed. There is no peer pressure, un-moderated pop-psycholgy, daily public confessions, or endless meeting attendance.

The purpose of Mindfulness Based Recovery™ is to recover from addiction and compulsive behaviors and live a life with deep meaning and purpose.

Mindfulness Based Recovery™ provides the skills and inner resources to gain full recovery through understanding addiction and eliminating the underlying cause of addiction and compulsive behaviors. A life free of addiction and compulsive behaviors is possible for anyone who is willing to acknowledge the problem and develop these simple skills.

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